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We are delighted to announce Andrea Hayes, writer, broadcaster and producer has penned an amazingly warm and uplifting book about rescue dogs and best of all….the royalties from the book will all be donated to Dogs Trust Ireland!!

Written by Andrea Hayes, Dog Tales contains 13 heart-warming stories of Dogs Trust dogs that have been given a second chance at happiness and of the dedicated owners who found a place in their hearts and homes for the abandoned and often traumatised animals. These unique and often heart-breaking tales touch on all the ways dogs impact on our lives and poignantly capture the bond between human and canine. Filled with touching stories of love, loss and transformation these dog tales will uplift your soul, as you laugh, cry and fall in love with these amazing animals who often rescue their new owners right back.

We meet Penney the pit bull, abandoned at her most vulnerable but who found love with a couple who take her everywhere- even to work. There is Skittles, a terrified Shih Tzu who is rescued from a puppy farm but finds love and canine companionship with Jay, a large bearded Collie and we hear how a three-legged dog called Mick taught Andrea life lessons about living in the moment and thriving despite health challenges.

Andrea also reveals how working with dogs has helped her on her own journey through chronic pain and fertility issues and how the dogs she has encountered have touched her life in different ways, often when she needed it most.

'A powerful book no animal lover will be able to resist. Andrea's tender tales of human-canine connection will touch your soul and remind you of why dogs play such central roles in the lives of their human companions. Her passionate advocacy for those neglected, forgotten creatures their owners failed will make you want to open your heart and home to one of your own.' John Grogan, author of Marley & Me

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