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Moya’s Night at the Zoo! is a new children’s book written by Brendan Clerkin and illustrated by the talented up-and-coming artist Leona Burns


This is a colourful story with fun twists, that allows readers big and small to explore their imaginations. Gorgeously illustrated, the story is about living in the moment, staying safe growing up, and creating empathy with animals.


Moya wants to visit the zoo, but when her parents say no, she cheekily sneaks out by herself... followed closely by her pet dog Kadi!... can you spot him? Unfortunately, they both get locked in when the zoo closes! Luckily, Mama Orangutan takes Moya under her wing. Moya is feisty, fun, and a little naughty… will she learn any lessons from her adventure?

Author royalties of this book go directly to Dogs Trust Ireland.

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